Destination & Drone Videos

On-Site Or In The Air, We Capture It All!

Luxurious On Location Filming

Immerse your brand in the authenticity of our on-location filming services. Our team excels in capturing the essence of your story by selecting settings that align with your vision. Whether amidst the bustling streets of urban landscapes or the serene beauty of natural environments, on-location filming will add a layer of realism and depth to your project. With a track record of shooting at multimillion-dollar locations worldwide, we proudly showcase remarkable versatility in diverse environments. From captivating urban streets to tranquil natural landscapes, our portfolio reflects our ability to capture narratives in any setting. Let us transport your audience to the heart of your narrative with impressive, upscale location production.

Aerial Perspectives with Drone Filming

Elevate your storytelling to new heights – literally – with Mancinetti Pictures' drone filming services.

Utilizing state-of-the-art drone technology, we capture breathtaking aerial views that add a dynamic and cinematic dimension to your project. Whether you’re showcasing expansive landscapes, architectural marvels, or creating visually stunning sequences, our drone filming capabilities provide a unique perspective that captivates audiences. We take pride in employing cutting-edge drone technology operated by experienced professionals to ensure the highest quality aerial shots, enhancing the visual impact of your content.

Some of Our Favorite Clients & Projects

Versatility in Visual Storytelling

We understand the importance of versatility in visual storytelling. That’s why we offer both on-location filming and drone services to meet a diverse array of creative needs. Whether your project calls for the intimate perspective of on-the-ground shots or the expansive grandeur of aerial views, our team adeptly integrates both approaches to craft a comprehensive and visually compelling story. We promise to ensure that your project leverages a variety of visual techniques, resulting in a dynamic and engaging viewing experience for your audience.