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Offering high-end, cinematic video production services and top-tier professionalism on a wide range of projects. Specializing in commercials, interviews, training, marketing ,and films. Our skilled crew is passionate about transforming your concepts into visually compelling narratives. Beyond traditional videography, we excel in upscale content, focusing on story-driven media, guaranteed to help your business succeed. Committed to quality and innovation, our tailored services meet diverse client needs, from enhancing your online presence to sophisticated film projects. We promise to exceed your expectations, reflecting your brand with integrity, innovation, and technical precision.

Behind the scenes with LA-based production company Mancinetti Pictures.
Writer, director, and producer Jon Mancinetti.

Writer, Director Jon Mancinetti

Owner of Mancinetti Pictures

Jon’s latest feature film, “Reel Hard 2023,” is a comedic gem poised to make waves in the festival circuit. This side-splitting indie comedy is rapidly earning acclaim from audiences of all ages, solidifying Jon’s reputation as a passionate writer/director. His prior films have graced hundreds of festivals, accumulating a plethora of global awards. Jon has also leveraged his films to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes. With a nod from Billboard’s Spin Magazine and an online viewership of 50 million, Jon stands as a maestro filmmaker, poised for his next significant undertaking.

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Discover the impressive projects brought to life by Mancinetti Pictures through our extensive portfolio. Spanning emotionally charged commercials, immersive on-location videos, and polished interview videos, our body of work showcases the versatility and creativity that define our approach. Each project serves as a testament to our ability to adapt our cinematic language to meet the unique needs and objectives of our clients.

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