By Jon Mancinetti

Shaman’s Call

A depressed poet drunk and alone in the desert receives a life-altering message from a strange yet familiar face.

Life's Work

A forward-thinking scientist is on the verge of a new discovery that will forever change mankind, but the powers that be will stop at nothing to control it. A Twilight Zone inspired, sci-fi mystery.

Space Dust

Two stoners discover a meteor that grants them ultimate powers and answers the deepest secrets of the universe.

Super Bois

An indie filmmaker discovers his full potential by making a superhero movie with his brother, a young man with autism. Based on director Jon Mancinetti’s unique relationship with his brother Joel.

Loss And Found

A young man is devastated after losing his best friend, his dog Russell. Eventually he finds purpose in his life through saving the lives of more rescue dogs. A heartfelt comedy based on a true story that addresses issues surrounding animal welfare.

Other Short Films

The Mask Returns

Thought you’ve seen the last of The Mask? Think Again! The “Big Head Killer” is back in this action packed fan film.