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Writer, director, and producer Jon Mancinetti.

Jon's latest feature film, "Reel Hard 2023," is a comedic gem poised to make waves in the festival circuit. This side-splitting indie comedy is rapidly earning acclaim from audiences of all ages, solidifying Jon's reputation as a passionate writer/director. His prior films have graced hundreds of festivals, accumulating a plethora of global awards. Jon has also leveraged his films to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes. With a nod from Billboard's Spin Magazine and an online viewership of 50 million, Jon stands as a maestro filmmaker, poised for his next significant undertaking.

Filming Services

Mancinetti Pictures is a full-scale production team. Our short films have collectively won 70 awards and counting at 180 film festivals worldwide. The crew has seamlessly executed multiple projects, utilizing top-tier equipment such as Netflix-approved 8K RED cameras, Arri Alexa’s, and other cinema-grade gear.


Jon Mancinetti, the head of Mancinetti Pictures, began directing films at a young age, collaborating with his little brothers. Since graduating from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2006, he has directed hundreds of projects, encompassing narrative films—both short and feature length—music videos, and commercial content. He loves being on set, thrivining on close collaboration with his team, turning ideas from the written page into captivating visuals on the big screen.


Jon Mancinetti has always been a storyteller, sharing his narratives through the medium of cinema since he was a child. With 20 years of professional experience under his belt, he has crafted hundreds of award-winning scripts for his own films and client projects. Jon is a true artist who excels at fine-tuning ideas into shootable scripts. His films have screened in front of countless audiences worldwide. The feedback from these audiences has fueled his growth, inspiring him to create stories that are both entertaining and unique.

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